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Noah's Water Fundraising
The Mission:
Promote Individualized Wellness
and Raise Money for
Community Service Organizations

To promote Enhanced Personal Health ("Individualized Wellness") and Increased Earned Revenue by selling Noah's California Spring Water - A Sole-Source 100% Natural Spring Water from Adobe Springs - through Fundraising for Community Service Organizations.

The Need: To raise money in order to fund the organization and allow it to provide programs that allow the organization to function as it was planned.

Your Solution: Noah's Water Fundraising

Know Your Water Lingo

Grocery stores and restaurants offer varieties of water that are difficult to keep up with. Spring, flavored, artesian, mineral, sparkling -- what do these watery terms mean? Isn't water ... water?

The Food and Drug Administration has developed definitions for each of these types of water, and more:

  • Artesian water is a certain type of well water, collected without mechanical pumping. The well must tap a confined aquifer (an underground layer of rock or sand with water) that has water standing much higher than the rock, gravel or sand.
  • Mineral water contains standard quantities of minerals that must be naturally present, not added.
  • Purified water has been processed to remove minerals and other solids. (Purified doesn't mean it is better for you than any other kind.)
  • Sparkling water is water with a "fizz," either with added carbon dioxide or naturally carbonated. (Seltzer, tonic and club soda are not sparkling water, they are considered soft drinks.)
  • Spring Water comes from an underground source and naturally flows to the surface. It must be collected at the spring or through a bored hole that taps an underground source of the spring.

What Type of Water is Best for You?


Noah's California Spring Water

100% Natural
A Sole-Source Functional Spring Water
Sodium Free
Naturally Elevated Levels of Magnesium and Bicarbonate


You can Raise Money for your organization.

Read an important & informative article
from the February, 2007 issue of


Is Your Bottled Water Killing You?
By William Davis, MD

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"Where DOES Your Water come from?"

Adobe Springs

The Adobe Springs flow at a rate of 75,000,000 gallons per year, and contain 110 mg/Liter magnesium. Nearly all other American bottled spring waters contain less than 6 mg/Liter magnesium. This magnesium may prevent up to 40% of all heart disease. Two books mention Adobe Springs as one of the world's healthiest waters, thanks to the high magnesium content:

  • In Search of the World's Best Water, by Bill Sardi
  • The Miracle of Magnesium, by Dr. Carolyn Dean

Adobe Springs Spring Water is bottled at the Seven-Up plant in Modesto, CA, under their label, Noah's California Spring Water, and distributed in the Central Valley of California.

The Adobe Springs are located in western Stanislaus County in an area so remote that there are no schools or delivery of U. S. mail. The area is so mountainous that no bottling plant can be built at the springs, so the water is trucked out in "doubles" carrying 6,000 gallons per load.

The owners are Paul and Janet Mason, who live at the springs with their three children.

The elevation at the Adobe Springs is 1,375 feet above sea level, which keeps the springs pure. At that elevation in such rocky terrain, there is no agriculture or industry using insecticides, herbicides, chemicals, no smog, or anything else. The area is a rugged wilderness, too steep for any development.

For more information on Adobe Springs, Paul Mason, The Health Benefits of Magnesium and The Healthy Water Association, go to: www.mgwater.com.

Noah's California Spring Water
In Plastic Bottles

Noah's California Spring Water
In Glass Bottles


Water is the most important liquid in the world. Without water, there would be no life, at least not the way we know it. This source of life makes up about three quartes of the human body.

mineralwaters.org is a non-profit consumer web site that offers comprehensive information about and around bottled water. Help support mineralwaters.org and keep this valuable resource free and independent.

Over 3,000 brands from more than 115 countries are presented with their contents. Have a look a the list of brands, sorted by country or sorted alphabetically.

The Bottled Water Ratings
Rate your favourite waters!


Ewald Schnug from the German Ferderal Agricultural Research Centre (FAL) in Braunschweig has published the mineral content analysis of a wide number of bottled waters. You can find the results here.

Water contains various minerals - some good for your health, others less so. Explore the different ingredients of bottled waters.

The best water is of no use if you cannot get it. Therefore, you can now look who is offering your favourite water, or search directly for a distributor by country.

Discuss every imagineable aspect of water in the Forum. This is the place to ask questions, read answers, find partners for your new business venture, and open new distribution channels.

Where does water come from? Some 70% of the earth is covered with water. But nearly all is unavailable for human consumption without being processed first. The oceans make up for 97% and the polar ice shields hold another 2%. Only about 1% is soft water from lakes, rives and underground sources, but even from that tiny amount an increasing part is unsafe for human consumption.

All over the world, water is one of the most popular drinks. Its popularity with consumers increased over the last couple of years dramatically. This led to an explosion of available brands. So, keep on exploring the world of water, as it is the best drink for you.

Noah's California Spring Water


Name or Place of Source:
San Antonio Valley, California

Altitude of Source:
419 m

No gas (CO2) X
Acidity (PH) 8.7
Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) 420 mg/l
Calcium (Ca++) 4.4 mg/l
Magnesium (Mg++) 110 mg/l
Sodium (Na+) 6.3 mg/l
Bicarbonate (HCO3-) 529 mg/l
Chloride (Cl-) 6 mg/l
Sulphate (SO4--) 13 mg/l
Nitrate (NO3-) 3.1 mg/l

URL: http://www.pmgeiser.ch/mineral/index.php?func=disp&parval=1827

"Where does Your Money go when you buy Your Water?"

That's easy ... to the Retailer and the Freight Company, as a profit for services rendered. With Noah's Water Fundraising, Your Organization can earn over 30% of the gross revenue generated and Everyone - Scouts, Dads/Moms, Grandma/Grandpa, brothers/sisters, aunts /uncles, cousins, friends and people you don't even know - would be drinking a 100% Natural Spring Water.

The Magnesium Web Site


URL: http://www.mgwater.com/


Are you getting enough magnesium to keep yourself healthy?

"According to the U.S. National Academy of Sciences (1977) there have been more than 50 studies, in nine countries, that have indicated an inverse relationship between water hardness and mortality from cardiovascular disease. That is, people who drink water that is deficient in magnesium and calcium generally appear more susceptible to this disease. The U.S. National Academy of Sciences has estimated that a nation-wide initiative to add calcium and magnesium to soft water might reduce the annual cardiovascular death rate by 150,000 in the United States." ( Dr. Harold D. Foster , " Groundwater and Human Health," Groundwater Resources of British Columbia, Ministry of Environment, Lands, and Parks and Environment Canada, pp 6.1-6.3 (reprint), 1994.

Pages 440 through 447 of the Report of the Safe Drinking Water Committee of the National Academy of Sciences, 1977

Is the RDA for Magnesium Too Low? From the 1996 FDA Science Forum. Abstract.

This site has Links to over 300 articles discussing magnesium and magnesium deficiency.

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