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Visit to Adobe Springs

Boy Scout Troop 139 - Cahuenga District
Western Los Angeles County Council (WLACC)

Rotary Club of Granada Hills

Christian Church Diciples of Christ

Noah's Water Fundraising
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Visit Adobe Springs

Adobe Springs is the Sole-Source of 100% Natural Spring Water for Noah's California Spring Water. In September, 2006, Noah's Water Fundraising made an on-site inspection of Adobe Springs and saw for ourselves where Our Water comes from. We visited with Paul Mason, owner of Adobe Springs and President of the Healthy Water Association.

Click Here to view photos and video clips of our visit.

Be sure to take a look at Video Clip #2, as that is what it would be like for you to see firsthand "Where does Your Water come from?" and what it looks like. Then there was the Taste Test, which is the same as what you will taste by drinking Noah's California Spring Water ... every day!

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Boy Scout Troop 139
Cahuenga District
Western Los Angeles County Council (WLACC)

For the past few months, Noah's Water Fundraising has provided Noah's California Spring Water to attendees (Scoutmasters, Parent Volunteers and Boy Scout Administrators) of monthly Troop 139 Committee Meetings, District Meetings and Roundtables and Executive Council Meetings. Tasting is believing and Noah's California Spring Water is what natural water tastes like ... and it's Good For You!

Troop 139 Popcorn and Water Fundraising at St. Francis de Sales Catholic Church (Troop 139's sponsor)

On October 14 and 15, Troop 139 conducted a Popcorn and Water Fundraising after each of four masses, using the themes, "Popcorn tastes good and the Water is good for You" and "Honestly, aren't You thirsty after eating Popcorn?" Scouts volunteered to staff tables and over $1,800. was collected, with over one-third earned by the Troop. The First Case of Noah's was purchased by Bud Wiser. Thank you, Bud.

Click Here to view Troop 139 at St. Francis de Sales Photos and Video Clips.

SPONSOR: Cahuenga District Award Dinner - The Cahuenga District Executive Director requested that Noah's Water Fundraising be The Water Sponsor (or find a donating sponsor) for the Annual Award Dinner on November 18, 2007. Noah's Water Fundraising said YES. We'll post photos and video clips after the event.

SPONSOR: Cahuenga District Camporee 2007 - Noah's Water Fundraising also volunteered to provide Noah's California Spring Water for all Scouts attending next year's annual District Camporee 2007 - April 27 to 29, 2007 at Tejon Ranch in Lebec, California. We'll post photos and video clips after the event.

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Rotary Club of Granada Hills

As a new member (as of October, 2006), I thank the Rotary Club of Granada Hills for letting me share the vision and mission of Noah's Water Fundraising with club members and donating Noah's California Spring Water for the winner of the weekly fundraising raffle.

SPONSOR: Texas Hold 'Em Fundraiser - On October 21, 2006, Noah's Water Fundraising helped players get in the flow-of-bidding. Players chose from 8-ounce cans, 12-ounce glass bottles (which allows you to feel like you are drinking a beer, but are actually drinking water that is good for you) and 20-ounce plastic bottles. Players didn't win because they drank Noah's California Spring Water, but they did feel better after losing.

Click Here to view Photos of players at the table
(Jill, Steve and Wynne) and the Event Sponsor (Jean and her daughter Kathy).

SPEECH: "Individualized Wellness" - On Monday, November 20, 2006 at the noon lunch meeting of the Rotary Club of North Hollywood, Nathan will present his first - of many, he hopes - Wellness Speeches to Rotary Clubs and present the Noah's Water Fundraising Program and samples of Noah's California Spring Water for tasting.

Rotary International "Clean and Safe Water" Projects - There are 1.2 million Rotarians in over 35,000 clubs in 60 countries conducting fundraising to support local community service organizations. Rotary International has raised and distributed millions of dollars over the years to the eradication of polio throughout the world. Today, Rotary International is focusing fundraising and distribution efforts to "Clean and Save Water" projects. What would be better than raising money selling Clean and Safe Water - like Noah's California Spring Water - to fund Clean and Safe Water Projects?

Noah's Water Fundraising also looks to Rotary Clubs to develop and support local-area fundraising partnerships with Public Schools, Montessori Schools and local-area educational/vocational services and organizations.

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Christian Church - Disciples of Christ

First Christian Church of North Hollywood (FCCNH) Board Meeting - Noah's Water Fundraising presented to the FCCNH Board of Directors in September and provided samples of Noah's California Spring Water for tasting. Noah's Water Fundraising would be a wonderful fundraising program for the Church Youth Groups (who need to raise $8,000 for their upcoming missions), the Christian Nursery School, the Advent Theatre, the Christmas Tree Lot, Nathan's Voice Men's Bible Fellowship and for the benefit of the general fund.

FCCNH All-Church Picnic - Noah's Water Fundraising provided Noah's California Spring Water at the FCCNH Picnic on Sunday, October 1, 2006 to the well-over 100 Church Members attending this year's Annual Picnic. Thanks to Robin and Susan of Bethany Towers for doing a great job again this year!

Christian Church Disciples of Christ Pacific Southwest Region Bi-Annual Regional Conference - October 19-21, 2006 in Torrance, CA - Noah's Water Fundraising, working within the Bethany Towers booth, presented Noah's California Spring Water and the Noah's Water Fundraising Program to over 300 attending the conference.

Click Here to view Photos and Video Clips.
Sorry, for the poor photo/video quality. At Noah's Water Fundraising, we focus more on the quality of the water than the pictures showing what the water looks like!

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