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First Fundraising Project - The Boy Scouts

For over 13 years, my family has been involved with the Boy Scouts. Our son, Sean Adair, is an Eagle Scout and he helped me to be an Eagle Scout Dad. I have the pin to prove it.

This is my Eagle Scout Dad Project. My personal goal is to change "Fundraising to Funraising" by helping the Boy Scouts raise the money needed to conduct Scouting Programs by selling Noah's California Spring Water in our proprietary "Wellness for Health through Fundraising" campaign.

What is Different About Our Fundraising Program?

(1) Noah's California Spring Water is a Sole-Source Functional 100% Natural Spring Water, that is naturally Sodium Free with naturally elevated levels of magnesium and bicarbonate, available only from Adobe Springs.

(2) Your Troop can earn money promoting Wellness all year long, 24/7/365.

Why The Boy Scouts?

First, because everybody needs water daily (regardless of age) and there are a lot of Scouts and Scout Families.

Every year, Our Troop spends a lot of time, energy and dollars to raise money so Our Troop, District and Council can do their jobs ... provide the best Scouting Program they can for Your Sons. Every hour, every ounce of energy, every dollar spent (except teaching the Scouts about Fundraising) takes away from the Scouting Program.

Boy Scouts sell popcorn and candy, conduct garage sales and car washes and ask for cash donations.

The Boy Scouts of America

URL: http://www.scouting.org/media/review/2005.html

Year in Review: 2005

2005 Youth Served

% Change
2005 vs. 2004
Tiger Cub Scouts 243,609 -8.1%
Cub Scouts 834,562 -5.7%
Webelos Scouts 667,153 -8.0%
Total Cub Scout-Age 1,745,324 -7.0%
Boy Scouts 879,789 -4.6%
Varsity Scouts 63,637 -4.6%
Total Boy Scout-Age 943,426 -4.6%
Total Venturers 249,948 -10.9%
Total Members 2,938,698 -6.6%

2005 Adult Volunteers

Pack Scouters 493,165 -4.7%
Troop Scouters 543,971 0.1%
Crew Scouters 63,821 -2.6%
Council Scouters 45,173 -4.0%
Total Scout Leaders 1,146,130 -2.3%

2005 Year-End Units/Groups

Packs 51,469 -2.8%
Troops 42,811 -2.7%
Teams 8,185 0.5%
Crews 20,117 -4.8%
Total Scout Units 122,582 -2.9%

Community Service

Service Hours Completed 34,446,477


Eagle Scout Awards 49,895
Top Five Merit Badges Earned
First Aid 87,300
Swimming 75,796
Environmental Science 67,852
Camping 62,393
Citizenship in the World 61,746
Total Merit Badges Earned 1,949,049

The Noah's Water Fundraising Solution

Noah's California Spring Water

Question: What are these Scouts and Scoutmasters missing?

Answer: They're not drinking Noah's California Spring Water ... yet!

How the Noah's Water Fundraising Program Works

The cost of the product is $11.00 per case, FOB Modesto, California and includes the CA Cash Refund, currently at $.96 per case. If you order online the CA Cash Refund would be an additional charge, making the product cost $12.00 per case, FOB Modesto, CA.

NOTE: If you live in the Modesto area, the product costs less because there is no freight. Do you live in Modesto?

FREIGHT: To ship one (1) case of 20-ounce bottles (24 per case) from Modesto to Los Angeles costs $12.00 to $15.00, making the total cost $23.00 to $27.00 per case delivered and more the farther East you are. In some cases, due to delivery costs, it comes out to over $40.00 per case delivered.

By buying and shipping in bulk; that is, By-The-Pallet/By-The-Truckload of 20 pallets, the Freight cost per case is projected to average $3.00 to $4.00 per case across the United States. By including a Freight Allowance of $3.00 to $4.00 a case, then every Troop across our country will have the same pricing structure and an equal opportunity to raise money.


Revenue Generation and Distribution

Based on:
20-ounce Blue Plastic Bottles - 24 Bottles per case
63 cases per pallet = 1,440 bottles per pallet.
Freight allowance included.

Retail Revenue Per Case

At Retail Sale Price of $1.25 per bottle $30.00 per case
$1,890. per pallet
Cost - FOB Modesto, CA $11.00 per case
$ 693. per pallet
Includes: Noah's Cost of $9.00 per case.
CA Cash Refund of $1.00 per case. (1)
Noah's Fundraising Marketing Fund of $1.00 per case.
Gross Revenue Per Case $19.00 per case
$1,197. per pallet

Scout Revenue Per Case $ 11.00 58% $693. per pallet
Following is a Suggested Distribution of Earned Revenue.
* Your Troop $ 5.00 26% $315. per pallet
* Your Council $ 3.00 16% $189. per pallet
* Your Troop Sponsor $ 1.50 8% $ 94.50 per pallet
Scout Scholarship Fund (2) $ 1.50 8% $ 94.50 per pallet
Freight Allowance $ 3.00 15% $189. per pallet
Marketing and Sales $ 2.00 12% $126. per pallet
NWF Revenue Per Case $ 3.00 15% $189. per pallet

Boy Scouts Earn

$11.00 per case = $693.00 per pallet

That's 58% of the Gross Revenue Generated!

Ways For the Boy Scouts to Earn Additional Revenue

Collect the empty bottles and redeem the CA Cash Refund, earning an additional $1.00 per case or $63. per pallet.
Scout Scholarship Fund: In addition to the $95.00 per pallet that we will be accumulating to fund scholarships, you can approach the local business community for Matching Grants.

Scholarships will be awarded for: Higher Education, Scout and Adult Trainings, Summer Camps, Uniform and Supplies Banks, Camporees/Jamborees and Water for Meetings, Eagle Scout Honor Courts and Award Dinners.
Add another $.25 per bottle for Single Bottle Sales; that is, open a case and sell single bottles for $1.50 per bottle, earning additional revenue per case of 24 bottles of up to $6.00 per case or $378.00 per pallet.
Sell all year, 24/7 online and continue to raise funds.

How to "Get the word out!"...

Below are two examples of ads we have prepared to help Your Troop or Pack to let your community know about your Water Fundraising.

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How To Order from Boy Scout Troop 139*
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Noah's California Spring Water from Adobe Springs

100% Natural - Sodium Free - Naturally Elevated Levels of Magnesium and Bicarbonate Over Other Spring Waters

Five (5) SIZES of Noah's Spring Water
Prices Are Per Case
Per Unit Prices May Vary For Sales of Individual Cans or Bottles

20 Ounce
Blue Plastic Bottle
Spring Water

24 Bottles Per Case
$30. Per Case
$1.25 Per Bottle
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8 Ounce
Aluminum Cans
Spring Water
24 Cans Per Case $20. Per Case
$.83 Per Can
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12 Ounce
Clear Glass Bottle
Sparkling Spring Water

24 Bottles Per Case
$36. Per Case
$1.50 Per Bottle
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12 Ounce
Clear Glass Bottle
Sparkling Spring Water

Natural Lime Flavor
24 Bottles Per Case
$36. Per Case
$1.50 Per Bottle
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28 Ounce
Cobalt Blue
Glass Bottle
Spring Water

12 Bottles Per Case $36. Per Case
$3.00 Per Bottle
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